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Free Music Resources for Students

Chrome LabChrome Music Lab
Chrome Music Lab is a website for all learners that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments.
A website for all learners to help you learn about classical music and have fun too!
Google CreatabilityGoogle Creatability Experiments
A set of interactive music websites that make creativity accessible through the use of web and AI technology. By using the web camera, students can interact with each online tool by using body
movements, eye tracking, and sounds made by the voice. These sites simple to use and lots of fun for students of all ages and abilities.
Little Kids RockLearn a Song
Hundreds of song charts for guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and ukulele!
YouTubeSuper Simple Songs
Hundreds of simple songs for young musicians! (K-2)! 
Grab your instrument and jam along to the songs on these channels. 
YouTube ChannelSpencer Hale 
Play-Alongs for Modern Band Instruments.
YouTube Channel
Dr. Jill Reese
YouTube Channel
Sing King Karaoke
Several great karaoke tracks. 
YouTube Channel
Ukulele Play -
YouTube ChannelUkulaiens
Ukulele Club
More Ukulele Play-Alongs
YouTube Channel
Andy Ramos
Yet More Ukulele Play-Alongs
YouTube Channel
Justin Guitar Songs
Play-Alongs for Guitar. 
YouTube Channel
Ryan Payne
DYE Music Teacher, Play-Alongs and for Modern Band Instruments. 
Staff Wars
A space-themed game to help students learn the notes of the
staff. You can test treble, bass, and alto clefs. There is also an
iPad app version available.
Staff Wars 2
Identify notes on the staff by playing a note on your instrument (the sound is detected via your inbuilt laptop microphone, or through an external mic plugged into your computer). You can select the level of difficulty and the range of notes (even just a couple of notes - perfect for beginners).  
Treble and Bass Cleff
A series of 4 games designed to reinforce the notes of the treble and bass clefs. There are easy and advanced versions; the advanced versions include ledger lines. All four games can be found at the link above.
Isle of TuneIsle of Tune
“Build” a musical city using trees, houses and other items that all make different rhythms and melodies.
Drive a car along the musical street to play your creation. Also available as a paid iPad app.
Melody Maker Melody Maker (Chrome Music Lab)
Tap on the grid to create notes and then press play to hear your melody.
You can change the tempo with the slider and experiment with duplicating your melody with the copy button.
Useful when discussing melody writing with students.
World Music NetworkWorld Music Network
This guide uses a world map to help you find music styles,
popular artists, and traditional instruments from all over the world.
Who Sampled
Who Sampled
Who Sampled is a comprehensive collection of songs that include samples. You can search for a song or artist/composer and discover which samples have been used in the song. Once you click on one of the listed samples, there is an excellent side-by-side comparison available.  
Free online theory information. Clear, step-by-step lessons.
Includes interactive exercises.
Some excellent songwriting tools on this site. Sometimes you need a little inspiration or a starting point when writing a song. This site has LOTS of ways you can spark your creativity including a random melody generator, a random rhythm pattern generator, rhyme scheme generator, daily chord progression and much more. 
Virtual Drumset
             Virtual Keyboard                                      Virtual Guitar   Virtual Bass Guitar