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October 5th - Angelo Molina-Carrillo
October 23rd - Mohammad Alsubaihawi
 Distant Learners:


What we have been learning...                                                                                                                                                                   

In Module 1 we learned all about toys.  We learned how to express which toys we prefer and why.  We learned about toys from long ago and we learned that our imaginations are an important part of play.  We read the books “Llama Llama Time to Share, Toys Galore,” “Have Fun Molly Lou Melon and Playing with Friends. 


We will be starting Module 2 after fall break.  We will have fun learning all about weather and how the combination of sun, wind and clouds make the weather.  We will learn that weather occurs in patterns that we can measure and predict.   


Some skills that your child will be working on are:  concepts of printidentifying the name, shape and sound of letters, identifying rhyming words and syllables in words. 


Ways to support your student at home: 

Discuss these questions with your child… 

What toys do others prefer and why do they prefer them? 

What makes the weather? 

Read books and sing songs about weather. 

Observe the weather daily and record it using pictures and words. 

Practice identifying letters and how to form them and the sounds they make.  We have learned the letters, a, t, p, h, n, k, and c.  We will be learning letters m, r, v, s, g, and i. 

Be on the lookout for these high-frequency words in your everyday life, “I’, “the”, “in”, “he” and “on”. 

Point to words as you read aloud. 

Practice rhyming words with the “ut” or “ed” sound. 



In math the 1st 9 weeks we focused on: 

  • identifying, writing, and counting numbers 0 – 5 
  • counting up to 25 
  • compared numbers 0 – 5 


*Please continue to reinforce and practice these skills.  We will be building upon them next quarter. 


The 2nd 9 weeks we will be learning: 

  • identifying, writing, and counting numbers 6 -10 
  • comparing numbers 6 – 10 
  • adding numbers within 5 
  • counting up to 50 by ones 
  • identify and describe 2-D shapes (during Calendar time instruction) 



Ways to help at home and some suggested activities: 

  • Use shaving cream on a flat surface to practice writing numbers correctly  

(rice or sand in a flat container or plate will work also) 

  • Use playdough to make the number or make small balls to represent the numbers 
  • Use two paper plates or 2 pieces of construction paper to display different amounts of objects, 0 – 10, (cereal, blocks, small toys, etc.) and numbers to compare the groups using the words….greater than, less than, equal to. 
  • Count small items like cereal or beans to get to at least 50 
  • Count in the car together  
  • Find shapes around the house and identify them, describe them, and even trace them if possible 
  • Use small pieces of candy to sort and then add two groups (ex. Skittles, m & m’s – total # of red and # of green) 
  • Roll two dice together and find the total number of dots 
  • Allow your child to work on iReady Math for about 15 minutes each day. They should do the work with little assistance as the lessons are geared for their level. 
  • Any Jack Hartmann counting videos are an excellent resource and they provide movement and exercise 
*The Kindergarten Teachers are working together to provide quality instruction for your child. You may see or hear different teachers throughout our lessons.  
*Please send me a picture through Class Dojo, text or email of your child working or of completed work. 
*All materials can be picked up on Fridays at 9-11 AM. If you want to print the materials you will need from home, they have been downloaded and put on my website as well. 
*We will not be using Kiddom at this time.  We will update you when that is up and running for our Kindergarteners.

Check your grades regularly through Skyward using your assigned username and password. If you need assistance with your login information, visit or call our attendance office 615-904-6775 ext. 25706

Use Clever to access assignments in Kiddom.

 Contact me to obtain online textbook information for this class. You can access your Office 365 account by clicking here, the username and password are the same as your computer login at school.