David Youree Elementary School

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**Use the David Youree online   LIBRARY CATALOG    to locate books in our library**
Welcome to David Youree Elementary School Library!  
We are open for checkout from 8:00 am until 1:45 pm each day.  Students may come & go to exchange books during this time.  Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students have learned how to check-in their books to expedite the process.  Students in grades 2 -- 5 may check out 2 books for a length of 2 weeks.  They may renew an additional 2 weeks if needed.  Students in K and 1st grade will check out 1 book during their library class.  First graders often come to the library throughout the week to exchange for a new book.  If students are working on a research project, they may check out an additional third book for that purpose.  
All library books are labeled with AR reading levels.  Students are encouraged to check out ONE book in their reading zone and one book of their choice (in or out of their zone).  Although we do not have the Accelerated Reading program in our school, we have found that labeling books by the AR readability level helps students choose books they can read.  Independent reading then builds student vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.  
Classes are held throughout the week, all day, every day.  Students are instructed in research, library resources, catalog searching, internet searches, and various reading standards.  Encouraging free, independent reading is one of our goals for this year. Through library classes, students are exposed to various genre, book talks, and read aloud story-sharing. Most research lessons are designed to integrate with student learning in the classroom and grade level TN standards.