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Trisha Elmer - Indian Lane Elementary School
7:30...welcome, table tubs, announcements, pledge and school creed 
8:00...morning meeting
8:15...ELA (reading and language arts)
9:15...continue ELA
12:20...science/social studies and snack
1:20-2:00...related arts
  Monday-pe   Tuesday-art   Wednesday-pe   Thursday-guidance   Friday-pe
2:00...prepare for dismissal


Learning for the first nine weeks:

ELA- Letters: T, A, H, P, N, C

Sight Words: I, the, in

Rhyming and syllables

Stories: In Module 1 we learned all about toys. We learned how to express which toys we prefer and why. We learned about toys from long ago and we learned that our imaginations are an important part of play. We read the books Llama, llama, Time to Share, Toys Galore, Have Fun Molly Lou Melon, and Playing with Friends.


Math- Counting to 25, recognizing, writing, and comparing within 0-5


Science- 5 Senses, Materials, Fall, Fall Weather


Social Studies- Rules, Maps/Globes, Then/Now



Learning for the second nine weeks:

ELA- Letters: M, R, V, S, G, I, D, F, K, Y, Q, U, X, B, O, W, J, E, Z

Sight Words: he, on, and, up, a, you, see

Rhyming and syllables

Beginning sounds and ending sounds

Concepts of print, identifying the name, shape and sound of letters, identifying rhyming words and syllables in words.

Stories: We will be learning about weather and that the combination of sun, wind and clouds make the weather and that weather occurs in patterns that we can measure and predict.


Math- Counting to 50; recognizing, writing, and comparing within 0-10; shapes; represent objects to 20; addition within 5


Science- Matter, Plant and Animal Needs


Social Studies- Familiar Places and Things, Community Helpers, Human Needs, Needs vs. Wants, Thanksgiving, Family Traditions


Ways to support your student at home:

Ask your child to talk with you about these questions; What toys do others prefer and why do they prefer them.

Read books and sing songs about weather.

Ask your child to tell you what makes weather?

Observe the weather daily and record it using pictures and words.

Practice identifying letters and how to form them and the sounds they make. Be on the lookout for these high-frequency words in your everyday life, “I’, “the”, “in”, “he” and “on”, etc.

Point to words as you read aloud.

Practice rhyming words with the “ut” or “ed” sound.

Count everything!

Ask which is more? Which is less? Do we have the same?

Find shapes wherever you go. Are they flat? Are they solid?