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SchoolCash Online

David Youree Elementary School is introducing a new way for parents to pay for field trips, school clothing, athletic fees, and more. It's called SchoolCash Online, and it will be launched in our schools over the coming few weeks.

SchoolCash Online is a web-based program that integrates online payment options for parents with our offices' school-level accounting. Two high school office administrators, who used to spend hours handling cash for anything from milk days to class trips, developed the solution to manage school funds more efficiently, which allowed them to give more time to students and staff.

SchoolCash Online is safe, simple, secure, and saves time. The online platform offers tremendous benefits to parents, guardians, staff and students.



Dear Parent/Guardian,

This is to inform you that David Youree Elementary will now be offering SchoolCash Online as its preferred method of payment for school fees excluding lunch fees.

SchoolCash Online helps parents and community members pay school-related fees safely, quickly, and easily. By using SchoolCash Online, you help increase efficiency and security at your school by making payments directly into your school's bank account. This allows teachers to focus on helping students, and not counting cash. In addition, you will be immediately informed about school activities!

Powered by KEV Group, SchoolCash Online is the industry leader in the management of school fees. This system puts all of the school-related fees for your student online for purchase. Schools post their items and activities and assign the relevant fees to your student, so you can then make purchases online using your credit card. This allows you to stay informed about upcoming school activities while keeping track of the school fees that require your attention.

You are now able to register: a simple task that takes less than two minutes by simply visiting and clicking Register to get started. Should you encounter any difficulties, please contact the SchoolCash Online parent help desk by visiting